Who Is Krav Maga For?

Kids Krav

At Kickstarters we acknowledge that our students have changing needs and we build that into all our programs. Every class has benefits beyond those granted by regular physical activity (such as improvements to mood, health, memory, etc). We tailor each of our age-appropriate programs to the challenges that our students are likely to encounter at each stage of life.


Kids Lessons (approx 5-9 yrs)

At this age we focus on developing movement patterns that will form the foundation of effective techniques and behaviours in a fun, active way that leans heavily on play-based learning principles. Book here.


Junior Program (approx 10-14 yrs)

Children at this age will be transitioning from primary to high school, and adjusting to the many social and lifestyle changes that this brings. In these lessons we introduce some tactical behaviours to help children stay safe as they begin to enjoy more autonomy and responsibility. Book here.


Teen/Young Adult Program (approx 15-18 yrs)

This program bridges the gap between our children’s classes and the adult curriculum. Lessons are run very much like our adult classes and the older/more experienced students may even grade alongside our seniors. These classes seek to prepare students for the challenges they may face as they transition from high school to university, TAFE, travel, or the workforce. Having a realistic understanding of the potential dangers, along with effective methods of dealing with them, will help our young adults to face the world deliberately, confidently, and intelligently. Book here.


Adult Sessions

Our adult sessions are suitable for anyone over 18, regardless of fitness level or prior experience. Krav Maga is taught to military and law enforcement personnel around the world because it is quick to learn, and effective. We run private 1-on-1 and small group lessons for adults at a time and location that suit you. Each lesson can be tailored to achieving your personal fitness and safety goals. Please fill out our contact form if you’d like more information. For group adult classes, we are allied with our good friends at Aspire Krav Maga who have classes in Newmarket, Bulimba and North Lakes. 


Family Sessions

Similar to a private session, these lessons are held at a time and location that suits your family. They provide a mix of general self defence techniques and tactics, that parents and kids will learn side-by-side, as well as practical training to get your family working together to keep everyone safe.


If you have any questions about any of our classes, please complete our contact form and we’ll answer you promptly. If you’d like to book in for three trial lessons at any of our kids krav venues, please fill in our booking form.

We look forward to seeing you soon.