Kickstarters Self Defence
Bulimba Classes

Our fun, age-specific lessons give kids the tools they need
to deal with problems they are likely to face.

Come join us Sunday mornings at the Bulimba Community Centre

The fight isn't the focus

Whilst we do practise strikes and kicks, our main goal is to avoid a physical confrontation, so we teach awareness, de-escalation, and avoidance as primary methods of improving safety.

Our Techniques Work

The system (Krav Maga Global) is currently used by numerous security, law enforcement and military agencies around the world. Obviously, our kids curriculum has been modified to be age-appropriate, but the underlying principles are the same.

Did We Mention Our Classes Are Fun?

Play based learning is key to aiding skill acquisition and retention. Our dynamic classes are filled with games and fun drills to keep young students engaged.

Context Is Everything

We discuss and role play scenarios so that our students know when to use what they’ve learned.

Physical Activity Is Great For Kids

In addition to all the well-known benefits of exercise (improving strength and balance through to fitness and flexibility), there is also growing evidence that active kids find it easier to study and regulate their mood. We’re happy to contribute towards your kids being calmer, smarter, and healthier!

Parents Can Train Too

Adult classes are delivered at the same venue by our good friends, Aspire Krav Maga. Women’s only lessons begin at 9am on Sundays, and the open class starts at 10:30am. If you’d like to join in, you can contact Aspire through their website or Facebook page.

Book first 3 classes for $30
Yes! I'd like to sign up my child to receive self defence classes at Bulimba.
First 3 classes for $30 sounds awesome!

Sounds good. What time?

Different Ages Face Different Problems…

… And are capable of different solutions. To cater for the different needs and growing capabilities as children get older, our classes are divided by age. To ensure optimal focus, retention and safety, the two younger classes run for 45 minutes each, while the young adult class is 1 hour long.

Kids aged 10-14 years starts at 9am (45 mins).
Children aged 5-9 years start at 10am (45 mins).
Young adults aged 15-18 years begins at 11am (1 hour).

Respect for yourself and others is a part of Krav Maga

Kickstarters is all about making people safer

Sometimes that means knowing how to defeat physical attacks, so we teach that. Sometimes it means knowing when a situation could become unsafe and it’s time to leave, so we teach that. Other times it means developing the resilience to keep trying in the face of adversity, so we help build that too. Being safer can also be about:
  • creating healthy habits for movement, or
  • being able to make good decisions under pressure, or
  • listening to your instincts, or
  • being aware of your surroundings, or
  • even something as fundamental as treating others (and yourself) with respect.

Stacy does a great job! He’s got the balance of pushing and encouraging just right. My kids have a great time, are learning important skills and mindset, and are developing confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Richard C.

My son gave up soccer and we decided to do something else so a friend recommended Kickstarters. It was great! We took the 3 lesson trial and we will be back! My son loves it and has fun as well as learning how to protect himself and so much more at the same time.

Karin M.

Stacy is a fantastic instructor and does a great job teaching the kids. My kids have learnt some great self defence moves that are required in modern life. It builds their confidence and resilience. I highly recommend these classes.

Marie W.