What Is Krav Maga?

Created by founder, Imi Lichtenfeld, Krav Maga is a method of adapting instinctual reactions into effective self defence solutions.  KMG Krav Maga has no sporting or traditional elements. Every technique is based on simple principles that are quick to learn and more importantly – effective. In order to explain what Krav Maga is, it is helpful to examine the four aspects or “legs” of KMG:



Krav Maga is a modern system that is taught to military and law enforcement units around the world. The junior syllabus contains techniques that are effective, quick to learn, age-appropriate and instil movement patterns that will remain constant as they progress through to the adult system.



The techniques that we practise are proven to be effective, but equally important in terms of safety are the behaviours that we teach. Avoidance, de-escalation, situational awareness, rapid disengagement, and post-conflict actions are essential elements of personal safety that must be a part of any complete self defence system. At Kickstarters, we consider – and train for – the whole picture, not just the few seconds of physical confrontation.



The health benefits of regular physical activity are well known. Our lessons help students to develop strength, co-ordination, balance, fitness, and mobility. There is also strong (and growing) evidence linking exercise with improved memory, mood, and ability to focus at school or work.



In self defence (as in life) things don’t always go to plan. Not everyone plays by the same rules. Mistakes are made. The unexpected happens. At Kickstarters we train with these (and other) situations so that our students gain the resilience to cope with these stumbling blocks, and the confidence to know that they can. We actively develop the ability to keep a level head when exhausted or scared, to prioritise attention when distracted, to make good decisions quickly, and the determination to keep going when you think you can’t.