Kids Krav Maga

Kickstarters Self Defence offers weekly sessions at 3 venues

Clayfield - Thursdays

WHEN - Thursdays
Kidstarters (5-9 years) start at 3:45pm
Juniorstarters (10-14 years) start at 4:30pm
TRY 3 CLASSES for $30

Kalinga Scouts and Cubs Hall
Bertha St, Kalinga QLD 4030

Narangba Valley - Fridays

*On Hiatus*
Fill in our Contact Form to be advised when Narangba Valley classes resume.
TRY 3 CLASSES for $30

Narangba Valley State School
Creekside Drive, Narangba Qld 4504

Bulimba - Sundays

Juniorstarters (10-14 years) start at 9:00am
Kidstarters (5-9 years) start at 10:00am
TRY 3 CLASSES for $30

Bulimba Community Centre
1 Barramul Street, Bulimba QLD 4171

Our approach to teaching kids self defence

Kids krav magaWe believe that self defence instruction – particularly to children – cannot exist in isolation. Every one of our kid’s classes provides context to help our younger students understand not only how to defend themselves, but also when a physical response is and isn’t appropriate, and what other options are available to them.

The KMG style of Krav Maga taught in our classes is one of the most effective self defence systems available. The techniques and teaching methods have been refined through continuous global feedback and research to ensure that what we deliver is always effective and applicable.

Our age-appropriate classes emphasise situational awareness, avoidance and de-escalation as primary methods of making your kids safer.

If confrontations do turn physical, the tools that we provide our students will allow them to deal with threats quickly and decisively.

The lessons themselves are a mix of

  • discussion where context is provided;
  • practice where movement patterns are instilled; and
  • games to reinforce what was learnt and to improve engagement and retention.

Throughout it all, we promote traits like resilience, compassion, and diligence that will serve our students well in other areas of their lives, now and into the future.

Our kid’s instructor, Stacy, draws from many years’ experience teaching kids to be safer. His fun but firm, inclusive manner and attention to safety gives children the direction they need to learn as well as the confidence to explore and grow.

Want to have Krav Maga at your school?

We offer:

  • after school classes,
  • one off sessions during normal PE time, and
  • programs for extended sports periods in high school.

Send us an information request using our Contact form. And don't forget to check out our Facebook page.